Welcome to LemonCraft

We are a manufacturer and distributor of additives for artists, artisans and admirers of scrapbooking.

Welcome to the LemonCraft's new site!

From 2015-11-23 our online shop operates on new platform. We have done our best to ensure that usage of new store is for our customers hassle-free. We moved customer's registration data and their order history, so you do not need to register again. The login and password for the store also does not change - so to log into our new store (https://lemoncraft.pl/shop) you use the same data as before.

Important changes to wholesale customers:

  • In our new website warehouse and retail store are separated. Wholesale orders are handled at: https://lemoncraft.pl/shop/wholesale. Data of customers with the wholesale status were transferred precisely to the site of wholesale. The login and password does not change.
  • Wholesale client wanting to do some shopping in our retail store (https://lemoncraft.pl/shop) must register in it again. There is no option to join carts from our wholesale and retail stores.

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