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About the author


Anna P. Zaprzelska


I’m just like a lemon. I’m energetic, joyful, open for people and the world. As a founder of LemonCraft, for 6 years now I’ve been taking care of all scrapbooking lovers from all over the world to always have colourful papers and the passion to create.

I’m a happy mother, wife and friend. I love books, whippets and aromatic black coffee.

About the collection

Let’s live in a house full of roses…In a house that smells with wood and rosy syrup…We will sit on a porch next to a rosy garden and we will be suffused with a sunset glow, and the warm memory of that time will last in us forever.

This collection is full of elegance and LemonCraft’s vintage style. It’s designed as an extra continuation of House of Roses collection which all LemonCraft’s fans love so much.

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