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It all started…


was born from passion which scrapbooking is and I hope it will stay like this.

When in 2009 I came to know this passion, we got along together. As a young mother I was searching for something that can take my hands busy during intermitted naps of my son….Something what could be more than a treat but also what would be pretty and useful at the same time. It’s my nature, I just love beautiful things and I hate when they aren’t intended for something.

In the depths of the Internet I found a blog of some Italian girl and there I saw a handmade leporello album which was full of kids’ funny photos and colourful stickers. I was so fascinated by such an attractive way of giving photos as a gift that I wanted to make a similar one and…..that’s how it all started.

And what
about now?


is a manufacturer and distributor of certified, high quality decorative papers for scrapbooking. We cooperate with talented designers who put not only substantive knowledge and craftsmanship, but also heart and a large dose of positive energy in their collections. Our strength and joy are close relations with scrapbooking enthusiasts, influencers, owners of retail stores and wholesalers in Poland and around the world.

LemonCraft Team

Design Team

Anna P. Zaprzelska

Anna P. Zaprzelska

Owner, Designer


is like a lemon – an energetic and joyful person who is open to the people and the world. As LemonCraft’s owner for six years now, she takes care of all scrapbooking fans to always have the passion to create and also to have colourful papers which make this passion more touchable.

In everdyay life she’s a happy mum, wife and friend; a booklover, a fan of whippets and aromatic black coffee.


Iza Nowicka-Piasecka

Iza Nowicka-Piasecka

Office Manager


When you phone us and write e-mails, it’s me who answers them. So don’t be shy and just call cause it’s my nature – I like solving problems.

What is more, I take care of date limits, invoices and good mood on the lemon ship’s deck.

Irena Dercz

Irena Dercz

Packaging Manager


It’s me who takes care of every parcel to be packed perfectly and safe. I’m happy with your every single order and I love to wonder who you are and what important project are you working on.

P.S. All those free gifts in packages are also prepared by me 😉

Gosia Metryka

Gosia Metryka

Social-media Team, Design Team Coordinator, Designer


I am a mother, a wife, a scrapper and a self-tought graphics designer. I’m also a 100% housewife.

In my free moments I give myself over to my passion and my job – literally. And I can honestly say that I’m a lucky woman because I love all of it.

Kasia Udalska

Kasia Udalska

Social-media Team, our Creative Brain


She’s very sensitive, aware of herself, full of romantic attitude, emphatetic and a little bit crazy woman who loves people, animals, sweets , scrapbooking and the world – with everything what is beautiful and amazing  in it. Kasia is a Polish teacher by education. A copywriter from experience and a scrapper at heart.

What distinguishes me is a wide smile, talkativness and a very specific sense of humour.

Get to know WUSU - the philosophy of operation at LemonCraft


LemonCraft builds its business on relationships that make the brand grow, develop and provide us with many great emotions. We are happy and grateful for the fact that it is our customers who give us direction, participate in the development and building value for others.


We have included this word in our philosophy of operation with a very strong sense of responsibility. Without it, our work would lose its value and the whole building effort over the years would be in vain.


for co-workers, for creators of collections and handicraftsmen – for their creativity, for copyrights, for retail and wholesale customers, for fair competition, for artists’ sensitivity.


to the needs and ideas of customers and scrapbooking enthusiasts. In the face of attachment to the product and quality of service, as well as the need to experiment, search and look to the future. Attention to the emotions that give happiness and to business needs that guarantee safety.

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